For every forged part there is the perfect forging technology, shaped by geometry and the quest for minimum material consumption.

STB boasts a number of forging devices which facilitate a constant level of deformation, while still producing cost-effective forged parts.

One of our 3 Hammer lines fits to your part weight

Every hammer line at STB consists of

  • one or two gas furnaces
  • a pre-form press
  • a forging roll
  • the hydraulic Lasco hammer (80kJ, 160kJ oder 200kJ) and
  • the trimming press (max. 3,000 t).

Optimal forging quality through the combination of forging technologies

STB also operates a 1,250 tons forging press for both hot extrusion and open die forging.
With this machinery at our disposal, there always is an ideal process for any forged part.

  • Pre-forming on standard saddle
  • Use of up to 3 pre-formed tools in one forging process
  • Forging rolls for optimum mass distribution
  • Pre-forming, forging rolls and bending in one forging process
  • Combination of drop and hammer forging
  • Hot extrusion presses

The combination and application of these technologies in the short time frame in which raw material can be forged within one heating cycle requires extraordinary technical skill from our team.
Only then can we combine the highest quality of product with economic efficiency.