The quality guarantee does not end with the forging process but is carried on through every production step of machining right to the finished product. Therefore STB offers an integrated manufacturing process through all of those production steps and an integrated quality assurance system.

Forging complex heavy machinery parts require a certain craftsmanship, as this is a process that involves a particularly high material flow during the forging process and permits only low geometrical tolerances.

The strict specifications regarding material properties of the forged parts mean that material specification, process parameters of the tempering process and precision in workmanship must go hand-in-hand.

Our engineering department optimally incorporates these requirements into our die design, optimizing on forging tolerances with the customer in advance.
Precision in workmanship is also imperative for the accurate timing of specified forging technologies and the geometry of un-machined parts.

Our computer-controlled furnace control system closely monitors and records temperature. Precise specification regarding the tempering process and the computer-controlled implementation results in a high level of consistency in the mechanical properties of the forged parts, monitored by our quality
management team and external service providers.