Quality systems and traceability

We systematically prevent any mistake

The scheduled planning of production processes, efficient monitoring
and adherence to customer requirements is not possible without the
use of special systems.

Product requirements increase, tolerance ranges of critical geometrical
dimensions are restricted and even the price-performance ratio must
be constantly improved.

Our EDP systems are thus designed to meet these specific requirements.
The module for material purchasing determines the material required,
as well as chemical composition. For incoming material, it is not only the
amount received that is logged in but also the material test certificate
with its chemical analysis – because all values must meet requirements.
Requirements made on the mechanical properties of the forged part are
also compiled and automatically compared this way in the PPS module
(yield stress, tensile strength or impact strength) with the results of the
sample piece. Our 3-D CAD work stations in the engineering department
facilitate the exchange of data with our customers and integrated systems
for the finite-element calculation allow for the accurate load calculations
of our un-machined forged parts. Our CAM data files for un-machined parts
are directly transferred to the CAD/CAM systems for die construction (TEBIS)
which generates the programs for our CNC machinery in the tool workshop.

State-of-the-art PDA data acquisition records the exact production
status of our products, ensuring immediate updates and reference to
delivery deadlines. This is a system that helps us avoid any slip-ups.

Traceability is very important in ensuring the safety of our forged products.
A system-based search function allows for forged parts to be traced back
along the manufacturing process over a minimum period of 10 years using
the forged batch number – It only takes the press of a button!

This includes the raw material (according to material test certificate), the
forging device, the forging technology, the team with the relevant PDA
records, the tempering process and the reported values achieved.

In order to avoid any confusion, attached to each electronic forging order
are the relevant drawings. These can be accessed over several years
should they be required for any new order. Thus guaranteeing consistent