Quality management

Our quality management consists of several components:


  • Quality management system acc. ISO 9001
  • Procedure and Work instructions acc. Quality manual
  • Standards material specification for materials procurement
  • Terms of supply for heat treatment
  • Internal Quality Cards Q for each forging work order with accompanying spot check inspections of warm forged parts
  • Marking of each single forged parts from forging team
  • Warning system up to top management if forging mistakes are recognized by quality department
  • Marking of each single forged parts from inspector of magnetic particle testing
  • Quality rating system for each forging lot with photo documentation and monthly reporting
  • Regularly monthly quality meeting of all involved functions
  • Analysis scrap rate by top management
  • Weekly check of conformance to confirmed delivery dates
  • Monthly reporting of adherence to production deadlines


  • Incoming materials acceptance test (US-Test)
  • Test for mixed-up materials (Spectral analysis)
  • Cutting of raw material is exclusively done by sawing not by shearing as there is a risk of micro cracks in sheared material
  • Electronically controlled gas ovens – constant recordable temperature control
  • Electronically controlled thickness of forging on Lasco HOU-1600 – with measured thickness tolerance of +/- 0,1 mm
  • Special designs of magnetic particle test machines allow the complete magnetization of forged parts
  • If required load tests on hoisting gear or other parts can we done (external)


  • Traceable material batch warehousing
  • EDP supported traceability of all forging and machining orders with our modern ERP/PPS-System
  • EDP supporting links of technical drawings and terms of supply to the work order – no mixed-up versions of drawings