Hoisting Gear

In hoisting gears STB offers the worldwide broadest range of products.
This offering consists of standard hooks, crossheads, nuts and complete hook suspensions according to DIN 15400 et seq.

As a special property we offer crosshead and nut as forged parts.
Standard hooks, crossheads, nuts are held on stock.

Normally if a hook on an existing crane hast o be replaced short delivery times are needed. With a large stock of all hook sizes either as un-machined parts or as machined components according to DIN 15400 standard STB can deliver – if urgency is expressed – on short notice.

Superior to the Norm DIN 15400

On the basis of high European steel quality and through optimal matching of material specification, forging and heat treatment process STB can offer hoisting gears that have superior properties as compared To DIN 15400:

  • Impact strength 42 Joule (DIN 15 400: 27Joule)
  • at -40°C (DIN 15 400: -20°C)

This superior property is important for a large number of applications, as superior properties are required in offshore applications and cold geographical areas (e.g. Eastern Europe, North America etc.).

Worldwide broadest product range

STB offers the worldwide broadest product range of hoisting gear According DIN 15400 et seq. and delivers these products from stock as far as they are drop-forged parts.

Single hooks

Ramshorn/Ramshorn suspension

Eye hooks, Cargo hooks, Crosshooks

Special designs