STB Stahlhammer Bommern

For over a century, STB has manufactured lifting tools and forged parts that are
able to withstand particularly heavy static and dynamic loads.
Our entire company culture, production processes and way of working are geared
towards maintaining the high quality of our products.

STB owes its name, which stands for the quality and safety of its products,
to the unique combination of a special materials specification, STB’s own
forging process and, last but not least, the craftsmanship of our employees.

We have everything we need for the development and manufacture of the highest
quality forged products, carrying out our own tool-making, forging and machining.

State-of-the-art systems and the close collaboration with customers in the
design of forged parts reduces processing times and facilitates design-to-cost
forgings. Delivery reliability and an uninterrupted service are guaranteed.

The result is a high-quality forged product that meets all safety norms and
delivers on its original promise.